The best keyboards for iPads (and other tablets) in 2022

    Some versions of the Type Cover are also decked out in Alcantara, an excellent synthetic suede. It is hard-wearing and stain resistant, but still has the softer touch of a more conventional fabric.

    The Type Cover is a near-perfect tablet keyboard, with just a few unavoidable compromises. It is very rigid for its thickness, but not perfectly so as it uses magnets to lift the keyboard plate up at an angle for more comfy typing. Expect a slightly cramped feel if you buy the Surface Go 2 version. It’s a smaller tablet, so has a smaller typing surface. Type Covers are also not the most comfortable if you’ll use them perched on your knees, but it’s workable.

    Pros: Great touchpad; slim; quality backlit keys Cons: Some board flex; Go version is not full-size

    Price: £100 (Surface Go) £125 (Surface Pro) | Check price on Amazon | John Lewis | Microsoft 

    Huawei Smart Magnetic Keyboard/MatePad Pro Keyboard Case

    A niche option – but some intriguing tricks

    Compatibility: Huawei MatePad Pro | Dimensions: 392.5 x 247.5 x 4.8mm | Weight: 260g | Backlight: No | Touchpad: No

    A bunch of clever ideas went into the Smart Magnetic keyboard (£130) for Huawei’s MatePad Pro. It operates like a “wired” keyboard. There’s no charge port, no manual pairing process is needed. But it’s actually a wireless keyboard.

    How does that work? It’s powered by the MatePad Pro’s reverse wireless charging, and both magnets and NFC aid the auto-pairing process. Slot the tablet into one of the Smart Magnetic keyboard’s two grooves and you can type away within around two seconds. It’s no more bulky than some folio cases too, and protects both the tablet’s front and back when not in use. The textured polyurethane isn’t nearly as nice as Alcantara, but is tough enough and easy to wipe clean.

    Typing feels great as well, for a keyboard this tiny. The keys are well-spaced, there’s no key wobble, 1.3mm travel offers solid tactile feedback and you should be able to get up to full speed within a minute or two. It’s a star when space is very tight, as the footprint is tiny. Working away with the tablet on your knees feels stable thanks to the strong magnets, and the choice of two display angles is a welcome one.

    Huawei has favoured ease of use over ultimate versatility, though. The Smart Magnetic may be a wireless keyboard but it only works when physically attached to the tablet. There’s no backlight for the keys or a touchpad either. Think twice before using the Smart Magnetic and a MatePad Pro as a 24/7 laptop-replacer, although the tablet’s Desktop software mode does make Android better for the job if you are set on that route.

    Pros: Low bulk; good key travel; clever power mechanic 

    Cons: No backlight; no true wireless typing; no touchpad

    Price: £130 | Check price on Amazon | Currys

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