12 cool PS5 accessories you can buy (and not just the Sony ones)

    Price: £3,999 | Samsung | Selfridges

    Anker USB-C to USB-C cable

    As you’d expect, Sony generously includes a cable for charging your DualSense controllers right in the box. However, what isn’t generous is it’s length, which is fine if you sit right in front of a TV or monitor, but not if your setup leaves you any further back. Thankfully, Anker has you covered. You can pick up this 6ft Anker cable for less than £8 right now, solving any cable restrictions you could hope (or not hope) to have. Anker’s Powerline III cable is also USB-C to USB-C, unlike the USB-A to USB-C option that Sony has packed in, meaning you can use it with more modern charging bricks, too.

    Price: £10 | Amazon | Anker

    Pulse 3D headset

    For the PS5, Sony has stepped up from its less imaginative and rather chunky Platinum headset range from the last generation. With the Pulse 3D headset, you get a more lightweight and sleek set of gaming headphones, neatly matching the new futuristic PS5 look. The simplicity in design extends to the useful and easy-to-access controls on the left earcup, simple dongle, allowing deft volume control, muting your mic and the balancing of game and chat audio. In terms of audio quality, while 3D audio may not be as revelatory as Sony touted, it is certainly a pleasing alternative to a pricier surround sound system. If you’re used to TV speakers or similarly priced headphones, you won’t be disappointed with this peripheral – the best PS5 headset around for value.

    Price: £85 | Amazon

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