Pre-Summer Surprise: 20 New Games Launch on Apple Arcade

    Apple is refreshing its catalog of games ahead of summer with the surprise launch of 20 new titles. The new slate of games includes Arcade Originals and App Store Greats, games that are already available in the App Store, but Arcade will offer without in-app purchases or ads. 

    “Today’s launch boosts our award-winning catalog with 20 new games people will love playing and sharing with their friends and families,” Alex Rofman, Apple’s senior director of Apple Arcade, said in a statement.

    This kind of major catalog update has only happened once before — in 2021 — when Apple also revamped its landing page in the App Store. 

    Here are the new games you can play on Apple Arcade: 

    Arcade Originals

    TMNT Splintered Fate
    Developer: Super Evil Megacorp and Paramount

    TMNT Splintered Fate on Apple Arcade

    TMNT Splintered Fate on Apple Arcade.


    After Splinter goes missing, team up with Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael to solve the mystery in New York City. TMNT Splintered Fate is a co-op roguelike adventure game.

    “We love the Arcade model because it provides us with a great opportunity to build unique games, specifically for this audience,” Doug Rosen, Paramount Global’s senior vice president of Games & Emerging Media, said in a release. “We’re so excited for subscribers to play TMNT Splintered Fate, a brand-new title from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles universe, available exclusively on Apple Arcade.”

    Disney SpellStruck
    Developer: Artist Arcade and Disney

    Disney SpellStruck on Apple Arcade

    Disney SpellStruck on Apple Arcade.


    Crossword puzzles and Disney collide in this new spelling game featuring beloved characters like Mickey Mouse, Tiana and Stitch.

    What the Car?
    Developer: Triband

    What the Car on Apple Arcade

    What the Car? on Apple Arcade.


    What the Car? comes from the studio behind the hilarious What the Golf? game already available on Apple Arcade. Instead of a zany take on golf, Triband’s new physics-based game sends players on increasingly absurd car races.

    “It’s a racing adventure filled with comedy — an amazingly absurd car game with lots of laughs — that everyone can play and share with their friends and family,” Tim Garbos, Triband’s creative director, said in a release.

    Cityscapes: Sim Builder
    Developer: Magical Fuel Games and Playstacks

    Cityscapes Sim Builder on Apple Arcade

    Cityscapes: Sim Builder on Apple Arcade.


    Cityscapes: Sim Builder is a sustainable take on city-building favorites. The game challenges players to consider environmental impact while trying to balance the needs of their citizens.

    App Store Greats

    • Hill Climb Racing
    • Octodad: Deadliest Catch
    • Farming Simulator 20
    • Farming Simulator 20 on Apple Arcade

      Farming Simulator 20 on Apple Arcade.


    • Chess Universe
    • Iron Marines
    • PPKP
    • Time Locker
    • Disney Coloring World
    • Very Little Nightmares
    • Very Little Nightmares on Apple Arcade

      Very Little Nightmares on Apple Arcade


    • Disney Getaway Blast
    • Getting Over It
    • Kingdom Two Crowns
    • My Town Home: Family Games
    • Limbo
    • Limbo

      Limbo on Apple Arcade.


    Apple Arcade has hundreds of games with more added and updated every week. The service is available to try for just $5 a month, or $60 annually. You can also get a free trial if it’s your first time signing up or you recently purchased a new Apple device. To access Arcade, tap the joystick in the menu bar of the App Store. 

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