Beeper says it’s done playing cat and mouse with Apple over its iMessage for Android app

    Beeper vs Apple has been our own little David and Goliath matchup, but it looks like the saga’s coming to a close. The Beeper Mini chat app after Apple once again disabled access to the iMessage platform. The company says this will be the last fix released. Beeper today that it’s done “playing a cat-and-mouse game with the largest company” on the planet.

    “With our latest software release, we believe we’ve created something that Apple can tolerate existing. We do not have any current plans to respond if this solution is knocked offline,” the company wrote.

    So what’s the latest workaround? It’s certainly not a simple patch. It involves pairing your current mobile device with a Mac or an old iPhone. Mac users with Beeper Cloud should be able to simply update and reconnect, though will support the software update. You can also ask a friend with a Mac and Beeper Cloud to share their iMessage registration code, which can be used with the desktop app.

    Finally, you can jailbreak an old iPhone (6/6s/7/8/X), install Beeper’s tool to generate an iMessage registration code and update to the latest Beeper Mini app to enter the code and access the service. The company’s also for this task. Jailbreaking an iPhone, after all, can be confusing for beginners.

    On the upside, the company says these fixes work well and even bring blue phone numbers back to the Beeper Mini experience. However, if you don’t have a Mac or an old iPhone, or access to either, you’re pretty much out of luck. Beeper says it’ll hold onto your chat history if you happen upon an old gadget at some point in the future.

    This has been a month-long battle between the two companies, which started with the This app offered true iMessage support to Android devices via a software exploit. Just a few days later, the after This led to more complicated fixes on Beeper’s part, with one and another Apple found ways around all of them, which actually spurred US lawmakers

    If Apple blocks this final fix, that’ll be it for Beeper Mini, but the company has made the software open-source for other folks looking to give it a go. Beeper may be giving up on iMessage integration, but it’s powering full-steam ahead with its primary chat app. The company promises it’ll work throughout 2024 to turn it into the “best chat app on Earth.”

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