Google Maps Immersive View Is Getting an Update. What to Know

    Google announced it was rolling out Immersive View for Maps back at its 2022 developer conference. This year, it’s taking the travel tool a step further, the company revealed at its Google I/O event on May 10. The new update adds a “multidimensional experience” for routes so you can see everything on your trip, including the weather — whether you’re driving, walking or taking your bike out — before you head out the door.

    Google also highlighted its latest operating system, Android 14, which will be available later this year. And it announced the new Pixel Fold and Pixel 7A to bulk out its phone lineup.

    We’ll tell you what’s changing with Google Maps Immersive View below and when it’ll become available.

    What changes are coming to Immersive View?

    Soon, when you use Google Maps Immersive View, you’ll be able to preview bike lanes, sidewalks, intersections and parking on your route. The route view is available for those who are driving, walking and even biking. The app will use AI and historical driving trends to show you what traffic might look like depending on what time you’ll be on the road. For instance, if you’re driving to work at 8 a.m., Immersive View may show a slew of cars versus just a few cars if you’re taking a nice evening cruise.

    You’ll also be able to see air quality information and how weather changes the route throughout the day by using the time slider. For example, it may be sunny when you leave your house in the morning but rain could bring in cooler weather that would prompt you to grab a jacket and rain boots.

    google immersive view

    A sunny day will be reflected in the Immersive View of your route.


    How does Immersive View work?

    Google uses AI to combine its Street View and aerial images together to create 3D models within its Maps app. The idea is to make it feel like you’re already at the location you’re planning to visit before you even go — for instance, a restaurant or a neighborhood.

    When will the Immersive View update be available?

    Google said it’ll begin rolling out Immersive View for routes in the coming months. The new update will be available in these 15 cities: Amsterdam; Berlin; Dublin; Florence and Venice, Italy; Las Vegas; London; Los Angeles; Miami; New York; Paris; San Francisco; San Jose, California; Seattle; and Tokyo.

    For more, check out this hidden Google Maps feature. Also, here’s a Google Maps cheat sheet for useful tricks to know.

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