Microsoft starts rolling out iOS support for Phone Link syncing to all Windows 11 users | Engadget

    Following a limited test that , Microsoft has iPhone support within its Phone Link app to the wider Windows 11 user base. The software, for the uninitiated, allows you to sync your calls, messages and contacts to your PC. Microsoft has offered Phone Link () on Android devices since as far back as 2015. Microsoft expects to roll out iOS support to all Windows 11 users by mid-May.

    Once you have access to the feature, the easiest way to link your devices together is to type “Phone Link” into Windows 11’s search bar. Coincidently, that’s also the best way to find out if you have access to the feature too. If you’re like me, you will probably see the option to add an iPhone grayed out, with the icon noting it’s “coming soon.” Once the feature does arrive, it’s also worth noting there are some limitations. As with the Insider test, you can’t use the app to send images and videos from your Windows machine. Group messaging also isn’t supported. Additionally, the software works on a session basis, so your latest messages will only come through when your iPhone and PC are connected. 

    Still, even when you consider all those limitations, iPhone-carrying Windows users are sure to appreciate the integration offered by Phone Link, particularly since most people might not be familiar with options like and .

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