Apple’s WWDC 2023: What We Expect – Video

    Speaker 1: We are just days away from what could be the most important Apple event since Steve Jobs debuted the iPhone. Apple’s Developer’s Conference, WW d c. It happens every year in June and it is usually a place to find news on software updates. Lakewood features are coming soon for iPhones, MACE computers and Apple watches, but it is not the same every year. Sometimes Apple shows off new hardware and all eyes this year are on Apple’s first gadget for your eyes. The long [00:00:30] murmured mixed reality headset, which we don’t have any official imagery of. So we keep showing renderings made by some artists that cobbled together clues from reporting and leaks. I told you this could be the most important Apple event, and that’s because if Apple launches this new category of gadget to put on your head, it’s one more thing to add to the Apple product lineup and it could go down in history as being this pivotal moment in tech, changing the way we think about personal computing.

    Speaker 1: Or it could [00:01:00] be a historic flop. Either way, you really should tune into this one. Tim Cook takes to the stage for the keynote at the Apple Park campus on Monday, June 5th at 10:00 AM Pacific time, and it is something that you can watch at home as it is broadcasted on Apple’s WW d wwdc 2023 page and the Apple YouTube channel. I have for you a simple guide on what news to expect and what questions we hope are answered. I’m Bridget Carey and this is one more thing. WWDC is a very software [00:01:30] focused show. After all, this is for software developers to get hyped to make cool apps and games, but you never know what hardware surprises Apple may roll out. There’s not really a set pattern year to year. Just look at last year, the 2022 show. Aside from all the operating system talk, there were new MacBook laptops with the new M two chip, the new MacBook Air, and a 13 inch MacBook Pro.

    Speaker 1: The two shows before that, no new gadgets, just software. Apple would talk [00:02:00] up subscription products like iCloud plus or it would talk about upgraded Mac chips in 2019, though we did have new hardware, we saw that cheese Greater esque Mac Pro make its debut. So sometimes you get hardware and sometimes you don’t, but this does seem like one of those years we will get hardware. Apple could unveil this long rued AR slash VR headset because the new mixed reality device was reportedly demoed to executives back in March. [00:02:30] That’s according to Bloomberg’s. Apple reporter, mark Germond who wrote quote, the demonstrations were polished, glitzy, and exciting reports say that this headset would be expensive, about $3,000 and it’ll have an external battery that only has a few hours of juice. But a developer’s conference is the perfect time to unveil something like this, to get programmers hyped, to make apps for it and tinker with it.

    Speaker 1: I would not count on this headset being on sale right away. Talking it up now [00:03:00] though gives Apple time to have more apps built for it and to get that interest to grow over time and see what people like to use it for. The show may only tease the hardware, but it may dive deeper into the operating system for the headset, which folks think could be called X R O S for extended reality. And it just so happens that Apple filed a trademark for X R O S to the New Zealand Intellectual Property office that was submitted by a group [00:03:30] that is reported to be a shell company for Apple as a way to, hi, that is actually Apple doing it. There was some early buzz that maybe the operating system was gonna be called Reality os, but this goes with the Bloomberg report that in December, apple may have decided to go with XR OS as the name.

    Speaker 1: And by focusing on software it means we could get a whole ecosystem of different headgear products down the line as this evolves. But there really [00:04:00] is so much for Apple to cover about X R O S. It could dominate a big chunk of the keynote. Will we see how FaceTime could work and games and what content will we be watching on this thing? And we may have to have another event down the road. Just to dive into more about the hardware again, when it is ready to go on sale, there is no playbook for this. Could Apple reveal even more hardware? Yeah, there is buzz. Uh, let’s go back to the Mac Pro again. It has been three years [00:04:30] since it came out and it’s the only Mac that hasn’t made the transition from Intel to Apple’s own silicon chip. Something could happen soon with that machine.

    Speaker 1: Apple is also said to be working on a larger version of the MacBook Air headset. Mac Pro new laptop, three devices is a lot when Apple also has to go over the new operating system updates. So don’t get your hopes up if we don’t see all of these products. Apple may spread this out a bit over the year, but it is possible. Let’s [00:05:00] talk about software. Look for big changes around watch OS 10. Bloomberg says Apple may change the user interface, maybe make it more widget focused, but the iPhone is the popular kid, so expect more time to be spent on what is inside iOS 17 something that doesn’t get released until the fall, but we do get a first taste of new things to come for developers to test. There are rumors of enhancements to Dynamic Island, maybe updates to the camera app and health apps.

    Speaker 1: Since [00:05:30] Apple is putting more of a spotlight lately on health, the iPad has its own os, it’s called iPad OS 17 and that will also get time on stage along with whichever California landmark will be the name of Mac OS 14. The follow up to Mac OS Ventura. I’m personally eager to see if Apple’s gonna talk about its devices like the Home pod or T V O S getting support for matter. That’s the name of the smart standard that makes it easier for Google, Amazon, [00:06:00] and Apple products to all play nice together with one home hub. It’s also time to keep your ears open if Apple will utter the words. AI as an artificial intelligence. Recently Apple previewed some new accessibility features that very much used AI tech, like personal voice. It has the iPhone. Be able to learn to speak in your voice, mimic your voice. It’s designed for people who have trouble speaking or maybe losing their voice. Apple has plenty of AI smarts in [00:06:30] its products. I just wouldn’t expect Apple to flaunt that term like other companies do right now. What will you be paying attention to most when you tune into the stream? Please tell me in the comments and please subscribe to follow our coverage because you know we are going to be all over this event. I am Bridget Carey. Thanks for watching.

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