Google tweaks Memory Saver and tab group features in latest Chrome update

    Google Chrome is getting new security and performance features. The web browser’s latest version (M12) upgrades Safety Check and Memory Saver while adding the ability to save tab groups.

    Safety Check is Chrome’s security hub that checks for updates and compromised passwords and displays whether Safe Browsing is turned on. With the browser’s latest version, Safety Check becomes more proactive, running automatically in the background. “You’ll get proactively alerted if passwords saved in Chrome have been compromised, any of your extensions are potentially harmful, you’re not using the latest version of Chrome, or site permissions need your attention,” Chrome Group Product Manager Sabine Borsay wrote in an announcement post. The feature will provide alerts at the top of Chrome’s three-dot menu.

    Safety Check can also now revoke sites’ permissions to access things like location, microphone or camera if you haven’t visited them in a while. In addition, it highlights when sites you rarely engage with spam you with notifications, suggesting you turn them off.

    Memory Saver mode, introduced in 2022 and rolled out to everyone early this year, frees memory from open tabs you aren’t using. When you hover over one while in Memory Saver mode, the tool shows more detail about the active tab’s usage. This includes how much memory you could potentially save by making it inactive.

    Google says it’s also now easier to specify sites you want Memory Saver always to keep active. After installing the update, you can check out the new options in the Performance section of Chrome’s settings.

    Screenshot from an upcoming version of Chrome with saved tab groups. Several tabs are open, and the user is saving them under the name

    Finally, Chrome will soon let you save tab groups. For example, suppose you have a project with 25 opened tabs, but you need to step away or work on something else. Saved tab groups allow you to give them an appropriate name, shut them down and pick them up later where you left off.

    Google says Chrome’s security and performance updates will roll out this week. However, saved tab groups will launch “over the next few weeks.”

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