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    Google Photos that adds generative AI to its popular Memories view. This toolset already creates scrapbook montages using your photos and videos, but now these montages will be even more personalized, with collections that make sense according to your life. AI-enhanced algorithms will collect the images into relevant categories, a recent vacation as an example, and create a catchy title to accompany the montage. The app already does this, more or less, but the update should be something of a radical improvement. Of course, this is AI so it won’t always get things right. In other words, you can rename collections or edit montages if necessary. 

    All of these scrapbook montages are now collected in a dedicated view, called Memories, so you only interact with them when you want to. Before this, Google Photos users received a push notification every time a new scrapbook was available for perusal. Just click on the Memories tab and get going. The new tab also like adding music to scrapbook montages and sharing memories via the app.

    The update even allows these scrapbook entries to be co-created by friends and family. Invite anyone to collaborate and they can contribute their own photos and videos. Everyone involved can delete any photos that don’t match the theme or make simple edits, and the system itself will recommend photos based on geotagging and the like. As for more robust sharing options, Google says you’ll soon be able to save these collections as popular video formats to send via messaging and social media apps.

    The new Google Photos update begins rolling out today in the United States, but the company says it’ll be a few months before a true global launch. This isn’t the first time this year the company has squeezed generative AI into Google Photos. Back in May, Google used the technology to which leverages AI to remove unwanted artifacts from photos.

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