Google just made it a lot easier for people to begin automating their smart home | Engadget

    Google has really tried to go all in on automation since the rollout of its redesigned Home app in May. There’s been the introduction of a new script editor, Nest Cam Indoor integration and, now, a whole slew of new routines to use. The company has announced 18 new routines — half starters and half actions — immediately available for Google Home users.

    Starters allow you to activate or turn off something in response to another device. For example, you can now have the thermostat automatically turn off when the window is open or have lights dim and the fireplace light up if you pause your show. Actions, on the other hand, typically occur in response to you or another individual. New actions include options like having your lights slowly turn on after dismissing your alarm and pulsing the lights in your room or turning off the vacuum if your doorbell rings. You can check out the entire list of new routines on Google’s Nest Community blog here.

    You can access new and old routines in the Google Home app under the Routines icon. From there, you can choose which type of routine it is — household or personal — and name it. Then, when you want to use it, all you need to do is ask Google to start it the same way you’d tell your Google device to do anything.

    Google has also added the first round of new features to its script editor public preview, including using cameras as a starter. These settings could include playing calming music when a dog comes into view or the lights turning on when a family member gets home. However, you can also suppress starters if they’re unhelpful for the time being. Plus, you can enact custom notifications, such as a text telling you when certain family members have made it home safe or that an appliance was left on. 

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