Fitbit users can log in with their Google accounts starting on June 6th | Engadget

    We’ve known it was coming for quite some time, but now Google has a date for when it will start transitioning Fitbit users to Google logins. On June 6th, the tech giant will introduce the option for Fitbit users to log into their accounts using their Google credentials. When it announced the upcoming change following its $2.1 billion purchase of the wearable maker, the company said that it will enable the option for people to move their Fitbit device to their Google account when the log in support arrives. Users will have the opportunity to tweak their data when making the move and will have the option to manage their information either from the Fitbit app or from their Google settings page. 

    While logging into Fitbit with Google is only an option for now, soon users will have no choice. The company plans to require the use of a Google login to sign up for a new Fitbit account and to activate new sports devices and smartwatches sometime this year. And then by 2025, it will end support for Fitbit accounts altogether. Those planning to stick to the Fitbit brand will simply have to be OK with linking their devices to their Google account. 

    The tech giant is presenting the integration as an easy way for users to “manage all [their] connected apps and paired devices.” But it knows that some people will be concerned about the privacy of their information, so it previously said that it won’t be using Fitbit users’ health and wellness data for Google Ads.

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