YouTube testing a new way for users to easily watch videos at 2x speed

    YouTube is experimenting with a new capability that allows Premium subscribers to watch videos at 2x speed. The feature lets users long-press on the player to automatically set the playback speed to 2x, per YouTube’s experiments page.

    Users that opt into the test on mobile can simply hold down anywhere on the screen with their finger until a message appears at the top of the window that says, “Playing at 2x speed.” The feature is also available on the web.

    This will likely be a nice upgrade for Android and iOS device users since it’s currently a four-step process to move up the playback speed. To adjust the speed, subscribers must tap the video before going to the control menu, selecting playback speed and then choosing their preferred speed option.

    We could also see this option being useful for podcasts, which the company has prioritized in recent years. YouTube Music rolled out podcasts to U.S. users in April.

    Premium subscribers can also try two other features on YouTube’s experiments page, including “bigger previews,” which lets Premium users enlarge the preview thumbnail when looking for a specific clip or moment in the video they’re watching.

    The 2x speed and bigger preview features are available to test until August 13.

    YouTube is also experimenting with a feature where users can lock their screens to avoid accidentally disrupting the video. This feature is currently available for users to test until August 5. (It was previously supposed to expire on July 30.)

    Additionally, the video-sharing platform recently confirmed that it was testing a new feature on its mobile app called “Stable Volume,” which is designed to keep the video at a consistent volume.

    Earlier this month, TechCrunch reported another mobile app experiment — AI-generated quizzes — a feature that will help viewers learn more about a subject featured in an educational video.

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