You can now create interactive charts with GPT-4o — how to access with ChatGPT

    ChatGPT, underpinned with GPT-4o, just got a little more useful for people who like doing stuff with charts.

    OpenAI announced in a blog post that paying members (Plus, Team, and Enterprise tiers) will get access to some new time-saving chart and table features “in the coming weeks” as part of its new GPT-4o initiative. These include the ability to upload charts directly from Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive to ChatGPT, rather than having to download them first and then upload them separately.

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    How to get GPT-4o with free ChatGPT

    Aside from that, users who upload datasets to ChatGPT can mess around with a new interactive, full-screen view as the chatbot performs data analysis. You can also customize charts to your liking and ask questions if needed.

    This is the kind of time-saving convenience that AI can be useful for if done correctly. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman decided to, instead, market GPT-4o by (somewhat unbelievably) comparing it to the dystopian movie Her because it can take in and spit out more video and audio content than before. While this may not appeal to everyone, the capability to more easily sort through charts could be quite beneficial.

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