You can finally preorder the new handheld Playstation Portal Remote Player

    PREORDER: The new Playstation Portal Remote Player won’t be released until Nov. 15, but it’s now officially available for preorder at the PlayStation Direct online store. The handheld PS5 companion will cost $199.99.

    After months of anticipation, Sony has released the Playstation Portal Remote Player for preorder exclusively at the PlayStation Direct online store.

    Sony is moving quickly on this release. The company originally teased details on its first remote player back in May 2023, when it was dubbed “Project Q.” Then, on Aug. 23, the company revealed the official specs and release date — Nov. 15. And as of Aug. 31, the Playstation Portal Remote Player has been released for preorder via PlayStation Direct.

    For PS5 gamers who love the convenience and portability of handheld gaming consoles like the Nintendo Switch, the Portal is a must-have addition to the PS5. In a press release, Sony promised that the new remote player will put the PS5 experience in “the palm of your hand.”

    A separate PS5 console will still be required to use the new PlayStation Portal.
    Credit: Sony

    However, before gamers get too excited, there are some key differences between the Playstation Portal and other handheld gaming consoles. The Playstation Portal requires players to have a PS5 console already, and it has to be connected to your PS5 through your home’s WiFi. That means you can’t take your new remote player on the go when traveling, and it’s an addition to, not a replacement for, a standalone PS5 console.

    Still, we think a lot of players will appreciate the ability to enjoy the PS5’s titles and graphics in a remote handheld player, and we expect this to be a popular holiday gift among Playstation gamers. And if your household has only one TV, this player could end family fights over TV access.

    The new player features adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, a 3.5mm audio jack, and an 8-inch LCD screen with 1080p resolution and 60fps. According to Sony, PS VR2 games and titles accessed through PlayStation Plus Premium’s cloud streaming aren’t supported by the new remote player.

    Currently, players are limited to one console per order. So, if you want to preempt any price gougers trying to snatch up this device ahead of the holidays, then we recommend you preorder it sooner than later.

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