X is auctioning off memorabilia from the Twitter offices. Here’s what’s up for grabs.

    As Musk remakes the company formally known as Twitter in his own image, mementos of the platform’s past life are moving on.

    The company is auctioning off art, furniture, and other bird-brained oddities from its Santa Monica and San Francisco offices. The auction, diplomatically named the “Twitter Rebranding,” opens on Sep. 12 and the most unique pieces could go for tens of thousands of dollars.

    Earlier this year, memorabilia of the blue bird mascot (named Larry) sold for upwards of $20,000 at an auction put on by the same auctioneer.

    Scrolling through the listings — which include guitars, phone booths, work tables, sofas and more in addition to the more unique fare — it’s hard not to feel a tinge of melancholy for the big ol’ bird-shaped brand.

    But I guess nostalgia and reverence are a low priority when you’re out about $30 billion.

    Here are some of the coolest pieces up for grabs.

    Twitter bird (Larry) coffee table

    Credit: Heritage Global Partners

    Another angle of the bird table in situ on a blue patterned rug.

    Credit: Heritage Global Partners

    This statement piece comes with a built-in charging port and outlet, but that’s where its practicality ends. It’s more than 67 inches long and its half a dozen pointy edges are literally a design feature.

    Imagine getting up for a drink of water in the middle of the night and bumping right into the beak. It’d be an iconic statement piece for a home, but at what cost?

    Oil paintings of notable tweets

    Painting of the Ellen Degeneres selfie.

    Credit: Heritage Global Partners

    Painting of Michelle and Barack Obama

    Credit: Heritage Global Partners

    These oil paintings by Debbie Fass commemorate two of the platform’s most viral posts. Ellen Degeneres’s star-studded selfie, taken at the 2014 Academy Awards, became the most-retweeted photo of all time within an hour of being published.

    After winning the 2012 Presidential election, Barack Obama’s tweeted this photos and the words “Four more years.” It was the most-liked tweet in the history of the platform at the time.

    The Boulder bird

    A colorful collage in the shape of the Twitter bird logo.

    Credit: Heritage Global Partners

    This nearly five-foot-tall bird likely hung in the halls of Twitter’s Boulder, Colorado office before the company was evicted for not paying rent in June. It features Coors Field and other local landmarks in a vibrant collage.

    Life-sized birdcages

    Gold hanging cage surrounding a blue bench.

    Credit: Heritage Global Partners

    Black wrought iron cage with an open door. A Twitter bird is welded to the top and there is a bowl inside with clear acrylic, made to look like water.

    Credit: Heritage Global Partners

    Buy these to become a bird in your own personal gilded cage. The gold swing features an open design, but you can close the door and lock yourself into the black cage which comes complete with a little bowl of resin designed to look like water.

    What’s happening? sign

    The sign, seen from the front, with overlapping "What's happening?" text and eyes emoji.

    Credit: Heritage Global Partners

    Seen from one side, the sign looks completely blue and features the eyes emoji looking off to the side.

    Credit: Heritage Global Partners

    This 34-foot-long sign celebrates Twitter’s longtime tweet prompt “What’s happening?” (now a more chaotic “What is happening!?”) with a sly eyes emoji. From one side, only the slogan is visible and, from the other, only the emoji.

    It’s an enormous piece, standing almost six feet tall. Maybe Musk just didn’t like the idea of being watched.

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