Unblock Pornhub for free with this simple hack

    TL;DR: ExpressVPN is the best service for accessing restricted sites. Unblock Pornhub from anywhere in the world with ExpressVPN.

    We’re only a few days into the year, but the world of porn has already been thrown into disarray. And it all comes down to access.

    As Mashable’s Sam Haysom reports, Pornhub has blocked access to users in North Carolina and Montana following the introduction of age verification laws in both states. Users in Montana are now required to provide “a digitized identification card” to go through “a commercial age verification system”, while North Carolina’s law means sites must provide a “commercially reasonable method of age and identity verification”.

    Pornhub isn’t happy with these new laws, and has decided to block access as a form of protest. That’s frustrating for users in those locations, but all is not lost.

    If you want to unblock sites like Pornhub from anywhere in the world, we have the information you need.

    How to unblock Pornhub for free

    If you’re based in a location with restricted access to porn sites, you’ll need to use a VPN to bypass these blockades. VPNs can hide your real IP address (digital location) and connect you to secure server in another location, bypassing geo-restrictions so you can stream on your favourite sites from anywhere in the world.

    Retain access to Pornhub by following this quick and easy process:

    1. Sign up for a VPN (like ExpressVPN)

    2. Download the app to your device of choice (the best VPNs have apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and more)

    3. Open up the app and connect to a server in a location that supports access to Pornhub

    4. Unblock Pornhub from anywhere in the world

    The best VPNs for unblocking porn sites are not free, but most do offer free trials or money-back guarantees. By leveraging these offers, you can unblock porn sites like Pornhub without fully committing with your cash. This is obviously not a long-term solution, but it does give you the opportunity to temporarily retain access to your favourite sites.

    If you want permanent access to everything online, you’ll need a subscription. Fortunately, the best VPN for porn sites is on sale for a limited time.

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    What is the best VPN for Pornhub?

    ExpressVPN is the top choice for unblocking porn sites like Pornhub, for a number of reasons:

    • Servers in 94 countries

    • Easy-to-use app available on all major devices including iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac, and more

    • Strict no-logging policy so your data is always secure

    • Fast streaming speeds free from throttling

    • Up to five simultaneous connections

    • 30-day money-back guarantee

    A one-year subscription to ExpressVPN is on sale for $105.20 and includes an extra three months for free — 49% off for a limited time. This plan also includes a year of free unlimited cloud backup and a generous 30-day money-back guarantee.

    Unblock Pornhub for free with ExpressVPN.

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