Twitter’s and Twitter Blue’s handles are now @x and @xblue

    Every day, Twitter users get a new edition of “looks like he wasn’t kidding about this.”

    Ever since Twitter owner Elon Musk abruptly started tearing down the Twitter brand and replacing it with X, users were wondering: Will any vestige of the old name remain, or is Twitter changing everything?


    The user behind @x on Twitter has no idea what happens next after Elon Musk’s X rebrand

    Well, the company’s official handle on X (yes, that’s what we’ll have to start calling it now) has now changed to @X, while the company’s Twitter Blue account now x’s (we know) at @XBlue. Other important company accounts, such as @TwitterSupport and @TwitterDev, have been moved as well – though not always with an “x” in front; for example, the support account is now just @Support, while the account for developers is @XDevelopers.

    The end of an era.
    Credit: Stan Schroeder/Twitter

    As for @Twitter, its tweets are protected while its bio now says: “This account is no longer active. Follow @x or updates.” Other legacy accounts, such as @TwitterBlue and @TwitterSupport, have simply been deleted.

    At one point, it was uncertain how Twitter would get a hold of the @X account, as it belonged to co-founder of event photo company Orange Photography Gene X. Hwang. It appears, however, that Hwang and Twitter have worked things out, as Hwang moved to the handle @x12345678998765, tweeting “Alls well that ends well” on Wednesday.

    These latest changes are another step towards Musk’s vision of subsuming Twitter into the far broader X brand, which will include finance and will (according to Musk) one day become “the most valuable brand on Earth.”

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