Treat yourself to the Dyson Supersonic Origin hair dryer for $130 less than the OG model

    Save $100: As of September 8, you can get the Dyson Supersonic Origin hair dryer for $299.99 instead of $399.99 at Dyson — that’s a savings of 25% and also $130 less than the cult-favorite, original Supersonic dryer.

    At Mashable, we’re constantly asking the following questions: Is the $400+ Dyson Supersonic dryer as “worth it” as TikTok makes it out to be? What about slightly less expensive models, like the Supersonic Origin? Reporter Bethany Allard established earlier in August that the Supersonic Origin is kind of the same as its more notable cousin, the Supersonic, except for having only one versus five attachments. Given the fact that each attachment usually costs $39.99 when sold separately, Allard noted that “if the math was actually mathing, the Supersonic Origin would be retailing for $160 less, coming out to $269.99, which absolutely feels like a better deal.” When she wrote this, the Origin still cost $399.99. With the current deal we’re highlighting below, Dyson seemed to have taken Allard’s complaint to heart — because now it is a better deal.

    As of September 8, you can get the Dyson Supersonic Origin hair dryer for $299.99 instead of $399.99 at Dyson’s site. This isn’t the $269.99 that would factor in the significantly lower number of attachments the Origin comes with, as compared to the OG Supersonic. Still, $299.99 suddenly makes this hair dryer more desirable. At Amazon, you can also get it for that same price, and it should be noted that the Origin has always retailed for $399.99 there. The fact that the price budged for the first time ever is cause for a little celebration (and a little hair-friendly Dyson purchase while you’re at it).

    Again, the Dyson Supersonic Origin dryer is strikingly similar to the original Supersonic — down to their barrel shape. The only difference is that the Origin only comes with a styling concentrator attachment, which targets individual hair strands with concentrated and controlled air flow. If you’ve had lifelong problems with frizzy hair, flyaways near your forehead and ears (same, same), or hair simply lacks shine, the Supersonic Origin is a godsend. It boasts three speed settings, four heat settings, and even a cold shot option to lock in that shine after styling your locks. Dyson’s been leading the hair game for a while now — jump on the bandwagon today.

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