TikTok just announced a bunch of new AI tools for advertising

    TikTok is dipping its toes further into the AI space, introducing a new creative suite to help brands put together AI-generated ads.

    It’s called TikTok Symphony, described by the company in a blog post as a means for “supercharging productivity to help brands create at scale.” The most notable tool is an AI video-generator that can generate TikTok videos with just a few inputs, the company says, adding that the product will help make the ad-creating process “simple and efficient.”


    TikTok’s AI-generated content is getting watermarked

    The new-and-improved TikTok for Business tool comes alongside a bunch of other business-minded updates: an AI-assistant for advertisers (also called “Symphony”), a centralized marketing hub called “TikTok One”, and new performance solutions with the help of predictive AI. The latter will help advertisers maximize business outcomes, says TikTok, “whether that’s driving more sales, leads, or app installs.”

    People and brands can join the TikTok Symphony and TikTok One waitlists to learn more.

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    All these new ads solutions were introduced at TikTok’s fourth annual TikTok World product summit. Sofia Hernandez, global head of business marketing at TikTok, says that the summit intended “to showcase [TikTok’s] commitment to building innovative, industry-leading solutions that allow them to participate in the magic of TikTok.”

    TikTok also revealed the numbers behind businesses: 61 percent of users have made a purchase on TkTok directly or after seeing an ad on the app. Users also harness TikTok to research new products and trends, like a whopping 52 percent of users who have looked up cars, and 59 percent who use TikTok to decide which games to download next.

    Meanwhile, TikTok is fighting a legal battle against the U.S. government, as a nationwide ban looms. Reportedly, the company is also planning global layoffs in operations and marketing.

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