This Samsung 50-inch LED smart TV is on sale for $338 — its lowest price ever

    Save $95.99: As of July 12, the Samsung 50-Inch AU8000B Smart TV(opens in a new tab) is on sale for $338 at Walmart, which is 22% off its comparable price point of $433.99 at Amazon(opens in a new tab) and its lowest price ever.

    Think it’s time to upgrade your TV setup to something that won’t disappoint? Samsung comes in clutch during Walmart’s rival to Amazon’s Prime Day sales event. Since this retailer and Amazon are competing for your loyalty, you end up on top — with not-to-miss prices, including the price on this 50-inch LED Smart TV (which is way cheaper at Walmart than at Amazon currently).

    As of July 12, the Samsung 50-Inch AU8000B Smart TV(opens in a new tab) is on sale for $338 at Walmart — $95.99 less than what it is at Amazon. To make matters even better, $338 is this particular TV model’s lowest price ever to date(opens in a new tab). This means you can take advantage of all its cool features without completely emptying your wallet. A Smart TV for under $400? That’s something you truly don’t see every day.

    Speaking of the AU8000B Smart TV’s features, it’s got Dynamic Crystal technology that amplifies your viewing experience with millions of color shades, a powerful processor that converts what you’re watching to 4K resolution, a built-in voice assistant via the remote, Motion Xcelerator tech that minimizes blur and enhances motion clarity, and beyond. What’s more important is that all these perks don’t contribute to the size or bulkiness of the TV. It still retains a super-slim profile that makes setup a breeze and allows the TV to blend seamlessly into your space. Here’s to all the cinema you’ll watch with your new Samsung purchase!

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