This robotics STEM kit for kids, educators, and engineers is $92 off

    TL;DR: As of July 14, get the WLKATA Mirobot 6-Axis Mini Robot Arm Professional Kit(opens in a new tab) for $1,757.99 — that’s $92 off.

    A good STEM education(opens in a new tab) can happen in the classroom or at home, but the right learning resources could make all the difference. Educators and/or parents may benefit from having a real programmable robot arm on hand for aspiring STEM students. The WLKATA Mirobot 6-Axis Mini Robot Arm Professional Kit comes with a pre-assembled robot arm and the tools to program and control it, and it’s on sale for $1,757.99 in the Mashable shop.

    Need a hand studying STEM?

    This beginner robot arm offers an accessible introduction to STEM for curious learners of all stripes. The Mirobot features a compact and lightweight design that’s about the size and weight of a laptop. It has six-axis freedom, so it can move omnidirectionally in a 3D working space, which leaves plenty of room for creative programming. Tilt, turn, grab, and more.

    The advanced robotics kit(opens in a new tab) can be used for educational purposes or lightweight precision tasks. It comes pre-assembled, so all you have to do is tell it where to go using your PC, phone, or the Bluetooth controller. To learn more, access tutorials, source code, DIY guidance, and models are available through the WLKATA and Github community. 

    There’s a wealth of material to help you study everything from the basic operations of a robot arm to programming it to pass the butter at the dinner table. Between the pneumatic box, suction cup, two-finger gripper, three-finger soft gripper, and your own creativity, you could program Mirobot to draw, grab items, and more. 

    The price may be high, but practicing with an actual programmable robot arm could help a young student prepare for a rigorous robotics program. In the classroom, it could give students the chance to experiment and apply the abstract concept of robotics to something they can actually do. 

    A beginner robotics kit that could make the difference for your learner

    Use this mini robot arm to study STEM, create models, and more. 

    Get the WLKATA Mirobot 6-Axis Mini Robot Arm Professional Kit(opens in a new tab) for $1,757.99. 

    Prices subject to change.

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