This new note-taking app lets you DM yourself

    Sending yourself a text could be the ultimate life hack.

    It may sound out of the ordinary but DMing yourself is both an organizational tip and a way to keep a digital log of anything from creative ideas to constructive plans. As Nicole Gallucci wrote for Mashable in 2021, “Sliding into my own DMs is a convenient, practical, helpful way to collect and save information.”

    While some people already do this on WhatsApp or Instagram, a new app called Qept is hoping to be the go-to place for your notes to self.


    I can’t stop sliding into my own DMs

    The iOS app, launched in August, is designed to help you take notes and jot down ideas as if you’re texting yourself. Created by Dutch developer Willem de Beijer, Qept is all about organization. But unlike other note-taking apps (of which there are many), this one reads just like a text chain.

    How does Qept work? As soon as you have something to jot down, users can type out their through in the text box and press “Send”. Messages can be filtered by topic, and there’s also an option to create a to-do checklist. Each text appears in a timeline under the “Home” button.

    Credit: Qept.

    On Qept’s FAQ page, the company makes a case for using the app instead of WhatsApp or other social media platforms: “Traditional note-taking apps can be cumbersome and it’s easy to lose thoughts in a sea of notes.”

    “Many people resort to texting apps such as Whatsapp to capture thoughts, but these provide limited note-taking features. Qept aims to combine the best of both worlds, the simplicity of a texting app with the power of a note-taking app,” the site explains.

    The app is currently free but to add more than three topics, there’s a subscription fee of $7.99 per month. According to TechCrunch, de Beijer intends to expand the app’s features to include things as bulk edits and note search, with additional plans to launch a Mac version in the coming year.

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