This low-cost stylus is a $36 alternative to the Apple Pen

    TL;DR: As of July 29, get the Digi Pen for iPad and Tablets for just $35.97 — a 59% discount.

    Everyone has their own note-taking style, and there’s nothing wrong with preferring the comfort of a handwritten page. However, it might be a little inconvenient if you want to transcribe your notes for later, or save them online, or just copy and paste something you wrote down into another page.

    If you want the comfort of handwriting with the convenience of digital, a stylus and a good tablet may be the way to go. Apple Pens can be expensive, but the Digi Pen works pretty similarly, and it’s only $35.97 for a few days more during the Back-to-School savings event. 

    A budget-friendly alternative to the Apple Pen 

    Whether you’re scrawling out lecture notes or doodling to help yourself focus, a little handwriting could go a long way, and this stylus may be the tool to take you there. Instead of getting an Apple Pen, you can get a budget-friendly stylus that works great with many of the same essential features.

    This budget-friendly stylus comes with upgraded palm rejection, so resting your hand on your iPad screen won’t stop you from being able to write on it. It also has a super long battery life, with a max of 20 hours on a full charge. Touch controls activate and deactivate the Digi Pen, but they’re all double taps to limit the possibility of accidentally turning it off part way through a sentence. Plus, the Digi Pen has a magnetic design to help prevent it from rolling away. 

    This stylus is pretty stylish 

    Don’t pay for an Apple Pen when something cheaper might do the trick. 

    You have until August 13 at 11:59 p.m. PT to get the Digi Pen for iPad and Tablets on sale for $35.97 during the Back-to-School sale. 

    Prices subject to change.

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