This electric Gua Sha is only $60

    TL;DR: As of September 8, get the SkinGear Electric Facial Gua Sha for just $59.99 — that’s 33% off.

    You’re not the only one who saw beauty influencers on TikTok stroking a skincare device over their cheeks and chins — it’s a real treatment called Gua Sha. While any social media trend can be gimmicky, Gua Sha can be known to have real benefits for your skin.

    If you’re into skincare, you might want to add Gua Sha to your daily routine. This SkinGear electric facial Gua Sha makes it even easier, and possibly more effective. Get one here for the best price on the web, only $59.99 (reg. $89.99).

    4 Gua Sha treatments in 1 tool

    The practice of Gua Sha is thought to have benefits like promoting blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, and possibly even relieving muscle tension. By stroking the device across your skin, you’re stimulating skin cells and promoting healing. And, when using products, you could improve their penetration into your skin — it could make your existing skincare routine more effective.

    You could use a traditional Gua Sha, but this SkinGear electric model has added features like heating, vibration, and two types of LED therapies. Choose from blue LED light that targets bacteria and sebum production, or red LED light that may help reduce inflammation and increase blood circulation.

    The newest addition to your skincare routine

    Just like any type of hygiene product or skincare treatment, each user will notice different benefits. SkinGear recommends this specific routine to achieve the best results:

    1. Clean your face and hands.

    2. Cover your face and neck with your favorite facial oil.

    3. Glide the electric facial Gua Sha over your jawline and cheeks in an upward motion. Use with or without red or blue LED light.

    4. After use, wipe the device clean to remove any product residue.

    Ready to level up your skincare routine?

    Grab the SkinGear electric facial Gua Sha here for the lowest price you’ll find on the web, only $59.99 (reg. $89.99).

    Prices subject to change.

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