This $19 keychain can charge any Apple Watch

    TL;DR: As of Sept. 4, the Wireless Apple Watch Keychain Charger is on sale for just $18.99 (reg. $49.95) — that’s a savings of 61%. For a limited time, you can also score a two-pack for $38.99 (reg. $99.90) or a four-pack for $76.99 (reg. $199.80).

    Even old Apple Watches have some pretty impressive battery life. That big ol’ battery doesn’t matter much if you forget to charge it though. You could leave an Apple Watch charger at work or at home. Or you could just keep your charger with you. 

    The Go Gadgets Apple Watch Wireless Charger Keychain is exactly what it sounds like. If you need to charge your Apple Watch on the go, just stick it to the battery hanging from your keys, purse, or backpack. Get one on sale for $18.99, or grab a set of chargers for an even better deal — get a two-pack for $38.99 or a four-pack for $76.99. 

    Charge your Apple Watch with your keychain

    This little smartwatch keychain charger could be great to have on hand whenever your battery starts getting low. Instead of getting stuck at a wall outlet, just stick your Apple Watch to the magnetic center ring and check the four LED lights to see the charging status. This charger has a built-in 950mAh battery. Depending on your Apple Watch series, that might even be enough for a full recharge from zero to 100. 

    If the built-in battery runs dry and your watch still needs more juice, don’t despair. Just pull out a cable and wall adapter. This keychain charger can power your Apple Watch while it’s also getting a refill. 

    A portable charger for any Apple Watch 

    Sick of wearing a dead Apple Watch every time you forget to put it on the charger overnight? Check out these deals:

    Prices subject to change.

    Apple Watch

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