The Shark FlexStyle is $60 off — don’t blow off this deal

    SAVE $60: The build-your-own Shark FlexStyle system is available for $219.99. That’s a savings of 21% on your sleekest at-home hair styling.

    Who needs the salon when you have the Shark FlexStyle system? There are plenty of dupes for the Dyson AirWrap, but after extensive testing, we think Shark’s is the best. It has superior performance for half the price of the AirWrap.


    We tested the best Dyson Airwrap dupes under $300

    The already affordable Shark FlexStyle system is down to just $219.99 at Shark as of May 2. The build-your-own system lets you choose three accessories. You can select between auto-wrap curlers, round brushes, frizz-fighting tools, and diffusers to create your personalized kit.

    The last time we saw savings this big on a Shark FlexStyle system was during the Sephora savings event when it dropped down to $215.10. On Shark’s website, the FlexStyle is at its next best price, offering a 21% savings.

    Mashable Deals

    Mashable shopping reporter Bethany Allard thoroughly tested the Shark FlexStyle system noting that it takes just 30 minutes to achieve salon-quality hair. Plus, the diffuser attachment is a phenomenal choice for wavy and curly-haired folks.

    “Between the FlexStyle and the Airwrap, it’s hard for me to imagine a reason why you’d opt for the latter unless you’re into big purchases for the sake of big purchases,” Allard says. That’s your sign to not miss out on Shark FlexStyle for just $219.99.

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