Tesla starts production of long-awaited Cybertruck

    Tesla has started production of the Cybertruck.

    The company announced the news on Twitter on Saturday, announcing that the first Cybertruck was built at the company’s Giga Texas factory in Austin.

    The oddly-shaped Cybertruck was announced in 2019, with Musk proclaiming that the company wanted to “try something different.” Besides looking like a low-resolution car from an 80s, sci-fi video game, the Cybertruck has a number of traits that set it apart from the pack, namely a stainless steel body, ultra-tough windows (which famously broke(opens in a new tab) when Musk tested them during the presentation), and a very large windshield wiper.


    Tesla finally lets you fully control windshield wipers from the steering wheel

    But the Cybertruck is also very late. Originally, it was supposed to go into production in 2021, but it was delayed several times since then as the company had, as Musk put it, “too much” on its plate.

    In April, during a Tesla investors call, Musk lifted the hopes of anyone wanting to buy a stainless steel, electric SUV by saying the company will “probably” have a Cybertruck delivery event in the third quarter of the year. Given that the production finally started, that event might happen fairly soon. It won’t, however, be easy to buy the Cybetruck, even if you can afford it; Musk said the production will start slowly and then accelerate, with mass production only starting in 2024.

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