Start the new financial year protected

    It’s the end of another financial year! As we look toward 2024, EOFY is not only a good opportunity to plan ahead for your next 12 months of expenses, but also a perfect time to do an annual audit of your digital security.

    Many of us are handling our taxes online these days, and sending personal and financial information over the internet makes for a stark reminder of the importance of staying protected online. Getting hold of the personal details you hand over to the ATO each year would be more than enough for a cybercriminal to steal your identity and potentially even access your bank accounts, so it’s imperative that you sort out your cybersecurity before engaging in any online banking, trading or investing.

    How to get protected

    It’s dangerous out there, and regularly auditing your tech’s security is the best way to make sure you’re protected. If you don’t know where to start, ask yourself a few simple questions:

    1. Have you added any new devices, or has anyone in your household added any new devices or applications to your home network in the past year?

    2. Have you been using a VPN and strong passwords for websites and applications with sensitive data?

    3. Do you have a current way of knowing if your digital identity has been compromised?

    If any of these three questions ring alarm bells for you, it may be worthwhile evaluating your current internet security and antivirus set-up for any gaps or holes.

    What to look for in a security suite

    Modern cybersecurity suites do so much more than just scan your device for viruses. They’re an all-in-one security solution which also give you access to VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) to safely browse the web, encrypted password managers with strong suggestions to ensure your accounts are as hacker-proof as possible, Digital Identity protection to alert you if your data has been compromised, and much more.

    However, not all security suites are built equal. A premium cybersecurity offering such as Bitdefender Premium Security Plus(opens in a new tab) is the Rolls Royce of consumer cybersecurity. It’s a ticket to digital freedom and the peace-of-mind that you and your entire household are protected on all of your devices. One plan for everything you need protecting: your devices, privacy, and identity integrity.

    As a high-end security product, there is new tech being added to the Bitdefender package regularly, taking advantage of industry trends and learnings. App Anomaly Detection(opens in a new tab) is the latest addition to the impressive collection of technologies available in Bitdefender’s Mobile Security (available as part of Premium), which scans applications downloaded via the Google Play Store and third party sites on Android Phones, and is able to catch suspicious activity before even Google’s engineers can. There are also popular mobile features such as Scam Alert and Chat Protection.

    If you’re interested in upgrading your Cybersecurity for the upcoming financial year, it’s a particularly good time to take the leap, as Bitdefender are currently offering up to 60% off your first year on one of their Premium Security(opens in a new tab) and Premium Security Plus(opens in a new tab) 10-device plans.

    It’s important to note as well: If you work from home (even only part time or out-of-hours), security suite and antivirus subscriptions can count as work-related expenses, even if it’s only a percentage of the cost proportional to the amount of work you do at home. If you do your own Australian tax returns, these subscriptions would fall under “other work related deductions”.

    For more information on Bitdefender Premium Security Plus, visit the website here(opens in a new tab).

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