Sonos Move 2 has stereo sound and an all-day battery

    Sonos has launched a follow up to its portable speaker, and this time, it delivers music in stereo.

    The Sonos Move 2, announced on Wednesday, looks similar like its predecessor: a fairly large, oval, vertically-oriented speaker wrapped in plastic. Most people will be able to tell the difference due to the new choice of colors — Black, White, and Olive — compared to the original Move’s Shadow Black and Lunar White (in reality, that’s dark and light grey).

    The price has also gone up a little, from $400 to $449 (or €499 if you’re in Europe).


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    But there are two major changes inside. Unlike its predecessor, the Sonos Move 2 is a stereo speaker. And secondly, Sonos says the Move 2 has 24-hour battery life, up from 11 hours on the original Sonos Move.

    Sonos Move 2 also supports line-in audio connection (you’ll need Sonos’ USB-C dongle), and you can even use the USB-C port to charge other devices (the Sonos Move 2 has a 44Wh battery). It also has new touch controls, similar to the ones on the recently launched Era 300 speaker.

    Sonos Move 2 is available in Black, White, and Olive (pictured).
    Credit: Sonos

    The audio itself has been improved, with three Class-D digital amps powering the two tweeters and one woofer (the original Move had two amps and one tweeter less).

    Other major specs are similar as before: The Move 2 still weighs three kilograms, is dust-proof and water-resistant up to IP56 specifications, and supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (though upgraded to WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0).

    The Move 2 is available for preorder now through the Sonos website, with deliveries estimated for Sept. 20, 2023. Stay tuned for our review of the Sonos Move 2 later this month.

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