Some iOS 17 features won’t be ready on launch day

    Apple iOS 17 is almost here, with features like StandBy and mental health assessments coming. We’ll have to wait, however, for a few revamps. In Apple’s iOS 17 preview, it lists several features as “coming later this year.” Here are the features that won’t be available on launch day:

    AirDrop updates

    Content you share over AirDrop will continue to send if you move away from AirDrop range, as long as you and the recipient are logged into iCloud. While finishing transfers when you’re away won’t be available on launch, other AirDrop features will be: putting phones close together to initiate an AirDrop transfer, for one, as well as communication safety and sensitive content warnings.


    This new note-taking app lets you DM yourself

    Journal app

    Apple promises “a new app to write and remember” is coming later this year. Jot down notes and add media like music, photos, and audio recordings to entries. Your iPhone will suggest moments to remember, and you can lock the Journal so no one else can access it.

    Apple Music collaboration

    Finally, an Apple Music update won’t be available just yet. Soon, however, you’ll be able to invite friends to your playlists to add, reorder, or remove songs. You’ll even be able to react to song choices with emoji.

    While we have to sit tight for these features, they’ll be plenty of updates to see during the initial iOS 17 drop.

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