Shop discounted MacBooks, Echo devices, headphones, and more during Amazon’s Labor Day Sale

    This just in: Amazon is having a Labor Day Sale, with not-to-miss deals that are guaranteed to cure your end-of-summer sadness. There’s so much to choose from, including laptops, tablets, Amazon devices, TVs, and beyond. We’ve simplified the task of perusing the Amazon Labor Day Sale with this roundup; shop our top picks across various categories below.

    A tech upgrade never hurt anyone, especially when it comes at a time when we’re all going back to school, work, and other responsibilities after the summer break. Luckily, refreshing your technology doesn’t have to be a major investment. With Amazon’s Labor Day Sale, you can score awe-inspiring deals on everything from Apple laptops to Bose headphones to Amazon Fire TVs. Don’t believe us? Check out all the best discounts at Amazon here.

    Best Apple deal

    Why we like it

    The MacBook Air is, like, king of laptops at this point, and this 13-inch 2020 version is packed with some pretty cool features. It’s thin, light, and works at lightning speed thanks to that handy M1 chip. The MacBook Air is also power-efficient: It can handle high-level editing on professional software or gaming while staying powered for up to 18 hours on a single charge. You’ll be impressed with its lifelike, vivid Retina display, as well as its FaceTime HD camera which provides crisp, naturally lit imagery. For all of these features, the 2020 MacBook Air runs in an impressively silent way. Gone are the days of laptop fan noise.

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    Best Echo deal

    Why we like it

    The 2nd gen Echo Show 8 will simplify your life with its 8-inch touchscreen, stereo speakers, seamless Alexa connectivity, and more features. You can make video calls to your loved ones, look up recipe ideas, monitor your home with the built-in camera, or watch your favorite Netflix shows. Alexa can become your personal assistant, and the Echo Show 8 is one screen you’ll be glad to see the sight of every morning. When paired with compatible thermostats, light bulbs, and more, it can even help you turn your smart home a little smarter. Get this Echo product, set it up easily, and delight in its wide range of functions.

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    Best headphones deal

    Why we like it

    These Bose headphones have 11 levels of noise cancellation, up to 20 hours of battery life, and a four-microphone system that makes your voice sound crystal clear to the person on the other end of a call. Whether you want to fully tune everything out and focus on your music, or else retain a little background audio to stay in the loop, Bose has you covered. The headphones’ sleek, minimalistic design (I mean, look at that stainless steel headband!) will make you excited to put them on. To control volume, song selection, and calls, just tap the earcup. Bose makes your listening experience immersive and customizable.

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    Best tablet deal

    Why we like it

    This Samsung Galaxy tablet is called “Lite” because it truly is light and portable — with a slim design that’s nevertheless protected by a sturdy metal frame. Given that it has 32GB of internal storage (expandable to 1TB), you can load this device with books, movies, photos, and games for the little ones (Samsung Kids allows parents control over this). As a bonus, this purchase comes with two free months of YouTube Premium. Take this handy tablet with you on your Labor Day weekend trip or daily work commute — it’s a lifesaver!

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    Best TV deal

    Why we like it

    Ever wanted to own a Smart TV with stunning resolution, access to over a million movies and TV shows, an Alexa-powered voice remote, and the ability to connect to Bluetooth headphones? Well, the Amazon Fire TV 32″ 2-Series has all that. Its display is equipped with optimal brightness and a wide range of colors, while the TV’s surround sound creates an immersive watching experience for you and your loved ones. For gamers, the TV comes with Amazon Luna or downloadable apps from the App store. You can also connect your own gaming console and see your favorite characters come to life on screen.

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