SheetGPT brings AI to Google Sheets for $49

    TL;DR: As of August 19, get SheetGPT Single User Plan: Lifetime Subscription for only $48.99 — an 83% discount.

    ChatGPT is useful, but you can still only enter one query at a time. Even if you’re quick and the results don’t need revision, it can still be tedious to enter each prompt individually, wait for the answer, revise, and repeat. That is unless you do it all in bulk from the comfort of your favorite spreadsheet app. 

    Now you can combine ChatGPT with Google Sheets for quick, simple mass content creation, whether answering a question or generating a headline. This spreadsheet AI helps users scour data from websites, conduct research, and much more, and you can get it for life for $48.99. 

    OpenAI made waves with ChatGPT, and SheetGPT has the potential to cause quite a stir, too. SheetGPT is an AI that integrates with Google Sheets to streamline your workload and help you save time. Instead of entering, revising, and prompting ChatGPT again, this tool was designed for you to get your work done in bulk. SheetGPT supports commands for content creation, task automation, cell combination, and more. 

    Need a refresher on everything ChatGPT can do? Check out the AI command library for a few ideas on where to start. You can even use SheetGPT to browse the web and grab page content just using a URL. Data collection that took you hours before could be a breeze with this handy AI. 

    SheetGPT works on desktop and mobile devices, but you do need an OpenAI account. The software specifications also say an OpenAI API key is required, but all you have to do to get that is verify your OpenAI account. 

    Make content creation and data gathering data in Google Sheets easier with your own AI assistant.

    Get a SheetGPT Single User Plan Lifetime Subscription for $48.99.

    Prices subject to change. 

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