Save big on wireless with Boost’s new plan

    We’d never suggest you give up your daily cold brew to save a little extra cash. But when life throws us a new way to save money without making a single sacrifice, you better believe we’ll be urging you to jump on board. 

    Boost Infinite(opens in a new tab) is the ultimate save-without-sacrifices deal. It’s the unicorn of wireless plans: Offering incredibly fast and reliable service, at a price so good you barely notice the monthly payments leaving your account.

    Right now, Boost is offering exclusive early access to this infinitely better plan. Here are just a few of the reasons to sign up today. 

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    Inflation can make budgeting feel futile. You calculate your grocery bill only for it to suddenly hike up a month later. You’re sure that’s the last time your landlord increases your rent, then it happens again. 

    Boost Infinite is different. You’ll get unlimited wireless, text and calls for just $25 per month, forever. With no data caps to exceed or hidden fees to uncover, Boost Infinite will become the most reliable thing in your budget. 

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    Speed is crucial, of course. But coverage is just as important. After all, what’s the point of superfast 5G if you find yourself stuck in a dark spot?

    Boost Infinite is on one of America’s top networks, meaning you’ll get reliable coverage and ultra-fast 5G services. 

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    One price, one plan, no sneaky extras or hidden fees… Boost Infinite takes the complications and the calculations out of your wireless plan, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

    Plus, there’s no lock-in contract so whether you’re moving abroad, or you scored yourself a spot on the company plan, you can cancel your plan.

    Boost Infinite is the do-it-all wireless plan we’ve been dreaming about. It offers fast and reliable 5G service at just $25 per month, no surprises, and no lock-in contracts. Jump on it now to save without sacrifice.

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