Save 85% on this bundle that packs Windows 11 Pro and Microsoft Office

    TL;DR: As of June 11, you can get Windows 11 Pro and Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2021(opens in a new tab) for just $59.99 — that’s 85% off the regular sale price of $418.99.

    Here’s the thing about computers: even if you have the fanciest gear out there, you won’t get to enjoy the full extent of their capabilities without the latest operating system. Upgrading your software is crucial to maintaining your computer’s performance, but with the hefty price points of licenses, it’s understandable why users are inclined to put it off until they absolutely have to.

    If you’re still slogging away with Windows 10 but reluctant to drop $200 on an upgrade to Windows 11, this deal on the Windows 11 Pro license(opens in a new tab) may convince you to take the plunge. For only $59.99, you can install the latest Windows 11 Pro to your home or office computer, and get this: you also get the entire Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2021 suite as a sweet bonus.

    This bundle nets you a license to Windows 11, which Microsoft has designed to cater to the modern worker. It brings forth a brand-new interface that is made to be much more intuitive and easier on the eyes, along with a bunch of features that are designed to optimize your workflow. The screen space feature lets you snap layouts, desktops, and seamless redocking, while the widgets allow you to stay up-to-date with the content you care about. If you’re working remotely and often attend video conferences, you’ll appreciate the Windows Studio effects that offer background blur, eye contact, voice focus, and automatic framing. And if you value security, there’s Smart App Control, which adds a layer of protection by only permitting apps with good reputations to be installed on your device.

    Speaking of good apps, the bundle comes with the entire Microsoft Office 2021 Professional fleet, letting you install the latest versions of the Office suite you already know and love, for life. With this license, you’ll get the big three — Word, Excel, and PowerPoint(opens in a new tab) — but you’ll also gain access to other MS Office favorites, including Outlook, Teams, OneNote, Publisher, and Access.

    With this bundle, you’ll have what you need to stay productive anytime, anywhere.

    If you buy Windows 11 Pro and Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2021(opens in a new tab) separately, you’ll have to cough up $418. But for a limited time, you can purchase both for only $59.99.

    Prices subject to change.

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