Save 37% on NordPass Premium with this exclusive deal

    TL;DR: NordPass Premium is a powerful password manager developed by the cybersecurity experts behind NordVPN. Mashable readers can get a two-year subscription to NordPass Premium(opens in a new tab) for £1.43 per month — 37% off list price.

    How are you existing online without a password manager? Seriously, why would you do that to yourself? You are making your life so much more difficult, and it doesn’t need to be this way.

    It’s time to simultaneously freshen up your online security and step into the easy life, with NordPass Premium(opens in a new tab).

    What are the benefits of NordPass Premium?

    This popular password manager is absolutely stacked with benefits to help you stay organised and in control:

    Unlimited Passwords — NordPass has no storage limits, so you can securely store as many passwords as you want in a single place.

    Autosave and Autofill Passwords — Entering your login credentials every time is annoying. NordPass does it for you.

    Complex Password Generation — The NordPass Password Generator creates complex and unique passwords.

    Data Leak Scanning — Find out whether your sensitive data has been leaked and strengthen potentially compromised accounts.

    Password Health Check — The NordPass Password Health tool identifies weak, old, and reused passwords.

    Automatic Device Sync — NordPass automatically syncs your passwords across computers, tablets, or phones.

    Multifactor Authentication — Set up MFA, add an OTP generator, or use a bluetooth or USB device as an extra layer of security for your vault.

    Secure Sharing — Securely share passwords with other NordPass users over an encrypted channel.

    Emergency Access — Provide family members or close friends with emergency access to your passwords and secure notes stored in your NordPass vault.

    That’s not all, because NordPass Premium(opens in a new tab) does other really useful things like filling out forms with personal information, securing access to your credit cards, and staying logged in when switching devices, but you haven’t got all day. What you should really know about is the latest addition to NordPass — File Attachments.

    NordPass launches File Attachments

    This new feature allows individual customers to add up to 50 files to any item stored in NordPass(opens in a new tab). This could be a password, passkey, credit card, or secure note. NordPass gives customers 3GB in data storage, and places no restrictions on the file type for attachments saved in NordPass, meaning that JPEG, PDF, MP4, DOC, and other types are supported. Plus, customers can take a photo in-app and attach it to an item.

    This exciting new functionality also allows for downloading or deleting of uploaded files, as well as viewing uploaded images when needed. This helps users to manage important files quickly and easily.

    The best password manager deal

    Mashable readers can get a two-year subscription to NordPass Premium(opens in a new tab) for £1.43 per month. That’s a significant saving of 37% on the list price of £2.49 per month. This exclusive deal includes a generous 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can recover your investment if you’re not totally satisfied. Considering all the benefits of NordPass Premium, we’re confident it won’t come to that.

    Save 37% on NordPass Premium(opens in a new tab) with this exclusive deal for Mashable readers.

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