Power up your home with these Anker products up to 44% off

    Tired of devices taking forever to charge? Here are the best Anker charger deals as of June 20 to help you fix that problem:

    When juggling multiple work assignments or just wanting to start that new TV show on your iPad, waiting for tech to charge can throw a wrench in your plans. With the right chargers, though, you can save yourself some time and make powering up effortless. We’ve rounded up the best Anker charger deals of the week for you below — so you never have to look at your battery percentage with dread again.

    Best portable charger deal

    Why we like it

    The Anker 511 Power Bank(opens in a new tab) is compact, sleek, and comes equipped with Anker’s well-known high-speed charging technology. You can use it to plug your device into a wall outlet at home (with the power bank’s wall plug) or take advantage of its portable battery life while on the run. After 500 days of use, the 511’s battery capacity still sits at 90%, and takes approximately 2.5 hours to charge from 0% to 100%.

    Best MagSafe-compatible charging station deal

    Why we like it

    The Anker 637 Magnetic Charging Station(opens in a new tab) is a perfect charging gadget for your MagSafe-compatible phone and case. All the charging station’s ports are positioned in the back, so you can finally say goodbye to cord tangle messes on your desk. Besides its magnetic charging pad, the 637 model also has two USB-C ports, two USB-A ports, and three AC outlets — making it a true jack of all trades.

    Best charger for multiple devices deal

    Why we like it

    The Anker 623 Power Strip(opens in a new tab) might not have the most high-tech look out of our charger selections, but it still comes with mighty charging power that allows you to power up devices like the iPhone 11 almost two times faster than a regular charger. The 623 has three AC outlets on one side and two USB-A ports, plus a USB-C port on the other. Its 45-degree flat plug eliminates the problem of trying (and failing!) to reach outlets behind your bed or sofa. As if that’s not compelling enough, this Anker product also boasts a seven-point safety system, including fire resistance, temperature protection, and over-voltage protection.

    Other Anker deals

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