Pick up a new language and save 66% on lifetime access to Babbel

    TL;DR: Through May 28, learn 14 different languages when you get a lifetime subscription to Babbel for $139.97, marked down 76% for a limited time. 

    There’s a whole wide world out there, and a big portion of it doesn’t speak the same language as you. Whether you want to make new friends while you travel, give yourself cool new professional opportunities, or just have a fun hobby, learning a foreign language is a great way to spend your time. But taking a classroom-based foreign language class can be a huge investment, both in time and money. Language learning apps are a good alternative, and Babbel is a standout because you get a ton of languages to learn, approachable lessons, and the benefit of using it on your own schedule. 

    This Babbel subscription deal gives you lifetime unlimited access to all Babbel courses (14 total languages), including French, Spanish, German, Italian, and more. Subscriptions are on sale for Memorial Day for $139.97 (reg. $599) through May 28. 

    14 languages you can learn whenever you want

    No language learning app can make you fluent overnight. What Babbel can do that other apps may not is give you short and sweet language lessons that don’t require WiFi to complete. You can download lessons in advance to do on your lunch break, practice your pronunciation on your commute, or boost your vocabulary while you drink your morning coffee. Another bonus to look out for with Babbel are the personalized review sessions. 

    If you’re not surrounded by the language you’re learning, it might be tough to remember it for long. That’s why Babbel has review sessions based on the material you’ve already learned. It doesn’t replace hearing the language all around you, but it’s a few steps further than just plain memorization exercises. 

    The only restriction is that this offer can only be redeemed by new users in the U.S. However, you can switch languages at any time and practice on as many mobile or desktop devices as you’d like. 

    Learn a language for travel, work, or fun

    There’s not too much time left on this Memorial Day sale. 

    Mashable Deals

    You have until May 28 at 11:59 p.m. PT to get a lifetime subscription to Babbel for $139.97. 

    StackSocial prices subject to change. 

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