No, iPhones aren’t all ‘the same.’ All the new features from iPhone 11 to iPhone 15.

    “How the hell does the iPhone differ from generation to generation?” some ask. “All the iPhones in recent years are all the same!” others exclaim.

    It’s true that most of the iPhone upgrades have been incremental, but in Apple’s defense, why overhaul something that’s already damn good? Innovation is exciting, but it also comes with risks. Sometimes, it’s best to play it safe.

    That being said, to prove that no iPhone is the same, here are the changes Apple has implemented for each line, from the iPhone 11 to the iPhone 15.


    iPhone 15 vs. iPhone 15 Pro: What are the differences?

    iPhone 11

    The iPhone 11, with a starting price of $699, shoved the iPhone XR out of the way with new cameras, improved audio, and a better display.

    iPhone 11
    Credit: Apple

    The 2019-launched smartphone shot 4K video at 60 frames per second, up from 1080p at 60 frames per second. Let’s dive into all the other goodies Apple packed into the iPhone 11.

    Camera features

    • Night Mode is introduced

    • New slow-mo video for the selfie camera

    • Tap-to-hold as a shortcut for video recording (in Photo mode)

    • Upgraded wide camera with faster autofocus, better low-light performance

    • Upgraded ultra-wide camera with a wider field of view (120 degrees)

    • “Semantic rendering” – a process that intelligently detects subjects before readjusting lighting

    • “Stereoscopic depth” in Portrait Mode for better depth-of-field

    • “High-key mono” effect added to Portrait Mode

    • Updated telephoto for better light-gathering (Pro and Pro Max only)

    • New “Deep Fusion” computational photography feature that decreases noise and improves detail (Pro and Pro Max only)

    iPhone 11 Pro

    iPhone 11 Pro
    Credit: Apple



    iPhone 12

    Despite chaos descending upon the world with the pandemic, Apple launched the new iPhone 12 in 2020, albeit later than its typical September launch.

    iPhone 12

    Zlata Ivleva / mashable
    Credit: Apple

    Announced in October, the iPhone 12 line was the first to introduce the new short-lived “mini” line. The iPhone 11’s successor also brought 5G support. However, at the time, many critics shrugged at this because 5G wasn’t widely available. Let’s take a look at the series’ new features.


    • Updated wide camera with improved low-light performance

    • Night Mode now featured on all cameras (instead of just the wide shooter)

    • New “Night mode time-lapse” feature

    • Deep Fusion now on all four cameras, including wide, ultrawide, selfie, and telephoto shooters

    • Longer telephoto lens (Pro Max only)

    • Updated wide lens with improved optical image stabilization, also known as “Sensor Shift,” and better low-light performance (Pro Max only)

    • Apple ProRAW, an option to access minimally processed photos (Pro and Pro Max only)

    • HDR video recording, allowing you to capture more vivid videos (Pro and Pro Max only)

    • New LiDAR scanner, unlocking new depth perception capabilities and AR features (Pro and Pro Max only)


    • Higher-res Super Retina XDR display

    • Increased display durability with Ceramic Shield

    • Larger display (Pro and Pro Max only)


    iPhone 13

    The iPhone 13 reportedly introduced 20% smaller notch, but in my personal opinion, I didn’t like the change.

    Stan Schroeder

    iPhone 13
    Credit: Stan Schroeder / Mashable

    Sure, it was less wide, but it dipped even further into the display. On the plus side, this family of phones debuted a bigger battery, which means runtime on a single charge should have improved over the iPhone 12. But what else did the iPhone 13 bring to the table? Let’s take a look.


    • Cinematic Mode, a rack focus feature that changes the depth effect of your videos with bokeh

    • Updated wide camera with brighter results in photos, videos

    • “Sensor Shift” now available for entry-level phones (mini and standard iPhone)

    • Better Night Mode

    • Telephoto now offers up to 3x optical zoom (Pro and Pro Max only)

    • New autofocus, better low-light performance in ultrawide camera (Pro and Pro Max only)

    • Better light-gathering for wide camera (Pro and Pro Max only)

    • Photographic Styles (Pro and Pro Max only)

    • ProRes video, an Apple video codec that preserves detail in HDR imagery

    Cinematic Mode in action

    Cinematic Mode in action
    Credit: Apple


    iPhone 14

    So long, mini! Apple replaced the mini, which entered the iPhone family alongside the 12 line, with the new iPhone 14 Plus. Another feature Apple killed off is the physical SIM card.

    iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro Max

    iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro Max
    Credit: Apple

    Check out the other surprises the iPhone 14 delivered in 2022.


    • Updated wide camera with a larger sensor, better low-light performance (standard and Plus only)

    • Updated ultrawide camera for improvement in low-light performance

    • New 48MP wide camera, up from 12MP (Pro and Pro Max only)

    • Selfie camera also gets low-light improvement; plus, it has autofocus for the first time

    • New “Photonic Engine,” an improved version of Deep Fusion

    • New Action Mode, allowing users to capture moments while on the move

    iPhone 14

    Credit: Apple



    • iPhone 14 Plus replaces the would-be iPhone 14 mini, matching the size of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, but offering fewer features

    • Dynamic Island – a feature that animates your interactions with your iPhone — and makes better use of the controversial notch (Pro and Pro Max only)

    Dynamic Island

    Credit: Apple


    • eSIM replaces the physical SIM card

    • Emergency SOS via satellite, allows users to seek help in poor-coverage areas

    Safety and security

    iPhone 15

    Cue Sia because one of the biggest draws of the iPhone 15 is, at the top of my lungs, titanium! Oh, and let’s not forget the USB-C port.

    iPhone 15

    Credit: Stan Schroeder/Mashable

    Let’s check out the other features Apple packed inside the iPhone 15.


    • 48MP wide camera from iPhone 14 line now featured across all phones, not just Pro models

    • 48MP wide camera with a wider sensor, lens-flare reduction, more focal length, and better low-light performance (Pro and Pro Max only)

    • Spatial video recording for Apple Vision Pro (Pro and Pro Max only)

    • New 5x optical zoom (Pro Max only)

    • New ProRes 4K at 60 frames per second (Pro and Pro Max only)


    • New USB-C port

    • Dynamic Island featured across all phones, not just the Pro models

    • New “Grade 5” Titanium enclosure (Pro and Pro Max only)

    • Thinner bezels (Pro and Pro Max only)

    • New customizable Action Button (Pro and Pro Max only)



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