Kick off your cooking goals with up to 40% off an LG InstaView refrigerator

    Cooking at home is a game-changer that’ll level up your life in ways you won’t believe. You’ll chow down on more veggies, stash more cash, unleash your inner artist, and hey, you might even boost your social life by inviting a couple of pals over for dinner more often.

    Like any habit, starting is the hardest part. Once you have a few recipes in your repertoire, you’ll have the herbs, spices, pantry staples, and skills to start whipping up whatever your heart desires. 

    These three tried-and-true tips will help you get started. And, with an LG’s InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator(opens in a new tab) in your corner (now up to 40% off), you’ll be pro-level in no time.  

    Make seasonal produce your springboard

    Credit: LG

    Head to the farmer’s market and choose some seasonal produce. Once you have fresh produce at home, you’ll feel compelled to use it before it goes bad, becoming a springboard for a meal. 

    The LG InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator(opens in a new tab) has a mirrored glass panel that illuminates to reveal the food inside when you knock on the door so you can get inspired without wasting electricity. 

    Master the three-ingredient cocktail 

    LG InstaView Door-in-Door

    Credit: LG

    Not quite ready for a full meal? Kickstart your culinary journey by crafting a simple three-ingredient cocktail (we personally adore a classic Negroni, sans the prosecco twist). Once you conquer this smaller endeavor, you’ll be empowered to tackle the main course. Remember to taste as you go, whether it’s mixing a drink or cooking a meal, so you can make timely adjustments before it’s too late.

    To take your drink to pro-level, use the LG InstaView refrigerator’s(opens in a new tab) Craft Ice feature to make ice that chills your drink without watering it down. Plus, you can use LG SmartThinQ to prompt your refrigerator to make ice before you arrive home. 

    Cook once, eat thrice

    LG InstaView Door-in-Door

    Credit: LG

    It’s all about maximizing your culinary efforts and savoring the flavors in different ways. You can start by setting aside leftovers in the freezer for a delightful meal on a busy day or transform your dish into exciting variations using last night’s leftovers. Repurpose those ingredients and get creative with deconstructed meals or innovative recipes. With a little imagination, you’ll unlock a world of possibilities and make every bite count.

    No matter how you spin it out, the LG InstaView refrigerator(opens in a new tab) can store it all thanks to its smart design and 28 cubic feet of space. 

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