How to shop for a MacBook and get one for under $350

    TL;DR: As of July 28, get this refurbished Apple MacBook Air for only $345.99 (reg. $1,109.00) — you’ll save 68%.

    If you’re in the market for a MacBook for school or work, the newest model might not be the best fit for you. They may have impressive specs, but what you need depends on what you’re going to be using your computer for. Laptop shopping on a budget isn’t easy, but there might be more options than you think, especially if you start considering refurbished computers. 

    What to look for?

    Newer MacBooks will have more advanced hardware than older models, but the tradeoff is that they’ll also likely have a much higher price. When you’re looking at computers, glance at the specifications and think about what you’re actually going to be using your computer for.

    • Processor (CPU): A faster processor ensures smooth performance. Speed in GHz, number of cores, and whether your computer has Turbo Boost are factors worth considering. 

    • RAM: Some experts recommend 4-8GB RAM for basic everyday computing, including browsing, using social media, and using productivity apps. 

    • Display and Ports: Some new MacBooks have wider displays and very limited ports, while older models may have lower-quality displays but more room for peripheral devices. 

    • Battery Life: Longer may be better because it can be expensive to replace MacBook batteries. 

    What do you actually need? 

    This 2015 MacBook Air can’t match the hardware of a brand-new laptop, but you may not need it if you’re looking for a computer for day-to-day schoolwork or basic productivity. It has a 1.6GhZ Intel Core i5 Processor that can get up to 2.7GHz with Turbo Boost. It comes with 4GB RAM installed, which may not run heavy video-editing software, but it could be plenty for basic computing and productivity software. The display is 13.3 inches, and it has two USB 3.0 ports, plus a spot for your headphones and an SD card. 

    This MacBook Air is refurbished with a “B” grade, so it might have some scuffs and dings, but it still has a battery that may last 12 hours. And during the Back-to-School sale, it’s only $345.99. Check out this deal and others included in the Back-to-School Collection, ending August 13 at 11:59 p.m. PT. 

    Prices subject to change.

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