How to get the AirPods Max for nearly $200 less than their usual price

    Save 33%: As of July 17, you can grab a factory reconditioned (aka basically new) pair of the AirPods Max for just $369.99 at Woot. Although these headphones aren’t technically on sale, because they’re used, their price is $179.01 cheaper than the usual asking price of $549 for a new set of headphones.

    The AirPods Max are notoriously pricey. When Mashable reviewed them, the point at the top of our cons list was that they are “way too expensive.”

    At their full price of $549, we stand by that statement. Similar headphones from Bose and Sony run in the $300-$400 range. However, as of July 17, Woot has some AirPods Maxes that have been factory reconditioned, meaning they were returned, inspected, and restored to be in “pristine” condition, as the retailer says. In fact, they describe factory reconditioned as “as close to new as you can get without technically being ‘new.'”

    That’s why we appreciate that the AirPods Max are available for just $369.99 at Woot. The quantity and sale time is limited — you can only grab them in the green and pink colorway, and only at this price for the next five days, or until they sell out, whichever happens first. The lowest a new pair of these headphones’ price has dipped is $429.


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    We talked about our list of cons for these headphones, but what about the pros? They do have excellent sound quality, a unique and more design-forward look, as well as impressive noise cancellation and 20 hours of battery life, which is standard, but still good. Do we wish they had a carrying case? Yes. Do we wish they actually shut off all the way? Of course.

    But at nearly $200 below their list price, the best parts of the AirPods Max only get better, and the parts we love less are much easier to live with.

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