Google will soon notify you of search results showing your contact information

    Google will soon notify you when your contact information shows up in Search, and make it easy for you to request it be removed. It’s a potentially useful new feature for anyone who has ever been doxxed.

    Announced on Thursday alongside new policies on removing revenge porn and the blurring of explicit images, Google’s new Results About You dashboard that will show you if your contact information is appearing in search results, and ping you when any new results with your information pop up. You can then use the tool to immediately ask Google to remove those pages from search results. 


    Google’s Privacy Sandbox is finally on its way

    You may not be able to take the offending web pages down without getting lawyers involved, but at least you can significantly hinder other people from finding them.

    The dashboard will be accessible in the Google app by selecting your profile picture then choosing “Results about you,” or by visiting in your browser.

    Google’s new Results About You tool is part of several new safety-oriented features announced this week. The tech giant also revealed a new SafeSearch setting that will automatically flag and blur explicit images, and is on by default.

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