Google Lens now uses AI to help you identify that weird rash

    Google’s new tool will help parents answer the question, “Is this rash serious?”

    On Wednesday, Google announced new capabilities for Lens(opens in a new tab), its visual search tool. By uploading a photo of you or your kid’s skin condition, you can use Lens to search visually similar skin ailments, helping you determine what it might be.

    Heads up: images of minor skin conditions below.


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    Google Lens isn’t a diagnostic tool, so don’t consider this a substitute for a doctor. But by looking at similar images, it can help you make an informed decision about whether to give the pediatrician a call, or just rub calamine lotion on it. You can look up skin conditions on Lens starting today and can access Lens on Android and iOS through the Google app.

    Use Lens to take a photo or upload a photo and search for similar skin conditions.
    Credit: Google

    Google Lens searching for skin conditions that are visually similar to the photo taken.

    Parents take note for kids coming back from summer camp with mysterious rashes or bites.
    Credit: Google

    Google shared other Lens announcements beyond the oddly specific, yet helpful skin condition lookup feature. Lens is will soon be integrated with company’s AI chatbot Bard. Teased at Google I/O, Bard is now multimodal, which means you can include images in prompts. For example, you can upload an image of a bird you don’t recognize and ask Bard to help you identify it.

    Beyond Lens, Bard will also support text-to-image prompts which is powered by Adobe’s new generative AI image creator, Firefly. Multimodal capabilities will be released in the coming weeks.

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