Get this beginner-friendly drone for under $100

    TL;DR: As of August 14, get this HD dual-camera drone for only $89.99 — a 55% discount.

    The summer heat may be making outdoor activities a tough sell, but that’s no reason to stay inside until fall. For a fun outdoor activity that still allows you to chill out in the shade, you might enjoy learning to fly a drone. Stay cool and enjoy the world from the air with an HD dual-camera drone that’s easy to learn and fun to fly.

    The Ninja Dragons Blade X 4K Dual Camera Drone is normally $199, but you can grab one for just $89.99. 

    A beginner-friendly drone for new flyers 

    Whether you’re camping, hiking, or just visiting the park, this little drone is a fun way to spend some time outdoors this summer. The Blade X has a flight range of 150 meters and a battery life that may last up to 12 minutes on a full charge. 

    Once you’re in the air, there’s a lot you can do. You can take advantage of the view with first-person streaming directly to your phone, or do some fun aerial maneuvers. Zip up, down, and side to side, or hit the button that sends you into a 360-degree barrel roll. It’s like a roller coaster in the sky, and you’re in control. 

    Beginner drone pilots can also take comfort in the replacement parts that come with your purchase. Still, don’t worry too much about planning for takeoff and landing. The drone is designed to let you initiate both with a single button. 

    Save on a 4K HD drone this summer 

    See the world from above this summer with a fun drone with simple controls.

    Get the Ninja Dragons Blade X 4K Dual Camera Drone for $89.99. 

    Prices subject to change.

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