Get the eye-popping Viture One XR glasses for $50 off at Amazon

    SAVE $50: As of Dec. 13, the Viture One XR glasses are down to $389 thanks to a $50 on-page coupon at Amazon. That’s a savings of 17%.

    Why settle for watching your favorite movies on your modestly-sized TV when you could see it all on a massive 120-inch theater screen? You can easily have that from the comfort of your couch by way of the Viture One XR glasses, a peripheral that can transform your viewing experience. Sure, they’re pricey, but thanks to a surprise discount at Amazon, the cost of entry for this unique theater experience is now a bit more palatable.

    As of Dec. 13, you can get the Viture One XR glasses for just $389 at Amazon, which is $50 off their normal price of $439 thanks to an on-page coupon. This 17% discount applies to both the Jet Black and Matte Blue color options. Considering these glasses started out at $549, they’re getting progressively cheaper.


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    These glasses absolutely wowed Mashable’s Kimberly Gedeon, who proclaimed them “must-have tech” that can transform your small screen into a towering one. Just connect the glasses to the device of your choice, put them on, and experience your favorite entertainment in crisp 1080p running on two micro-OLED screens.

    In Kimberly’s case, Selling Sunset was huge, sharp, and vivid by way of the glasses on a 120-inch display running at 60fps. Gedeon concluded it was a “seamless” experience that enhances your favorite media whether you want to watch a movie to get the real “theater” experience or catch up on The Kardashians.

    It’s unclear how long this coupon will be available, so it’s a good idea to go ahead and snag your glasses while you still can.

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