Get a Samsung monitor on sale and upgrade your work or play setup

    Time to buy a new monitor? Find the perfect one for you during this Samsung monitor sale at Amazon:

    The best Samsung monitor sale deals at Amazon

    Samsung Odyssey Ark (2nd Gen) on white background

    Samsung 34-inch Viewfinity S65UA on white background

    If you’re planning on upgrading your home computer setup, whether for work or for play, a great monitor is a must. You can transform a lackluster gaming battle station into an immersive hot seat or a humdrum home office work area into an exciting productivity hub, all with the right monitor setup.

    Right now, you can save hundreds on a new monitor at Amazon, where there are dozens of Samsung monitors on sale. Not sure which one fits your needs? Or just need some help shopping around? We’ve done the hard part by choosing some of our favorite picks.

    Below, check out our suggestions from the sale. These monitors are worth snagging while they’re still available if you want to upgrade your computer with an impressive screen.

    Best Samsung monitor deal

    Why we like it

    The Samsung Odyssey G9 monitor is a stunner in every sense of the word. Whether you use it for gaming or you adopt it as your daily driver display, it’s got it all. Its eye-popping 5,120 x 1,440 resolution and 240Hz refresh rate mean you’ll be looking at a gorgeous screen all day long. It has plenty of space on-screen, and its curvature helps immerse you in whatever you may be doing at the time. Plus, its height- and tilt-adjustable stand with VESA mount compatibility mean you can customize it to get the most comfortable viewing angle possible. Plus, you get vibrant colors, deep shades of black, and a realistic picture. You’ll also love the super-quick 0.3ms response time, which means your picture will be stutter-free.

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    Best Samsung gaming monitor deal

    Why we like it

    The Samsung Odyssey Ark (2nd gen) is a huge, curved screen that looks and feels like a massive gaming station. If you’re serious about gaming, this is the monitor that’ll change everything for you. Its 55-inch curved screen can rotate, and features a 1000R curvature with 4K UDS resolution, as well as a 165Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. It can completely engulf you with cockpit mode to make it feel like you’re really in your favorite game. It also has eclipse lighting with ambient LED lighting, and many other options that can help you get into your favorite titles even easier, if the massive size didn’t do it for you already.

    Best budget Samsung laptop deal

    Why we like it

    The Samsung 34-inch Viewfinity S65UA monitor is a great option for anyone who needs a reliable workhorse of a screen for daily use without the exorbitant price tag. It still offers an ultrawide, curved screen with a 1000R curvature, but it’s much more affordable. It’s a sturdy, robust monitor with 1440p resolution, HDR10 support for a billion eye-popping colors, and a clutter-free USB-C port to both keep the monitor powered and to transmit data. Plus, it’s TUV-certified for eye care with protections against harmful blue light, including an eye saver mode and flicker-free feature to reduce further eye strain.

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