Get a 2-pack of USB wall chargers for $36.99

    TL;DR: As of September 8, get this 30W Slim Wall Charger 2-pack for just $36.99 — a 69% discount.

    The more wireless devices we collect, the more we believe we’re streamlining parts of life. But along with the convenience of cordless keyboards, mice, and portable chargers is the irony of them needing regular charging. Ready to meet a gadget that might make that quicker and easier?

    Check out this 30W slim wall charger that expands your wall outlet into three USB-A ports. Right here, you can get a pack of two for only $36.99, usually $119.99.

    Charge three devices in just one outlet 

    By expanding your outlet’s capabilities with this slim wall charger, you can charge up to three devices at the same time. And forget about the frustration of juggling cords and devices to make sure your smartphone, tablet, and other accessories each get their turn.

    After you plug the wall charger into an outlet, you can use 270 degrees of flexibility to adjust the angle. Since it’s only half an inch thick, you can squeeze it into small spaces, like behind your nightstand or desk. Or, keep it in your briefcase or travel bag for on-the-go charging. You get two wall chargers with your purchase, so you could keep one at the office and one at home.

    Unlock charging convenience

    Keep in mind that this slim charger only has USB-A ports, not USB-C (need help understanding different types of USB cables?). You could always use adapters or find USB-A cords that are compatible with your devices. 

    Simplify your charging experience with a two-pack of these 30W slim wall chargers, now only $36.99 (reg. $119.99).

    Prices subject to change.

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