For $50, kids can draw in 3D

    TL;DR: As of September 6, get the PiKA3D JR Bundle with 3D pen for just $49.99 — a 9% discount.

    Your child might be excited about art and design, but getting them a full 3D printer might actually be the wrong move to help them build that excitement. Instead, you could try giving them a creative outlet that also captures that enticing instant gratification, something 3D printers with long print times and challenging design apps just might not be able to manage yet. 

    The PiKA3D JR Bundle includes a 3D pen that kind of works like a cross between a 3D printer and a hot glue gun. Feed printer filament and craft cool 3D designs on the fly, no app required. The PiKA3D JR Bundle includes the 3D pen, biodegradable filament refills, and a lot more. Get the whole package for $49.99. 

    Help your kids get drawn into STEM

    3D printers may seem cool to you, but they require a good bit of patience at virtually every stage, and you can’t exactly doodle with one. The PiKA3D Jr 3D Pen can still create cool, complex designs, but your kid can also use it to experiment and play. This could especially be useful for kids who already like drawing because there’s less to learn before they can start creating.

    To use the 3D pen, just make sure it’s charged, turn it on, wait for the light to turn green, then feed your filament. Then kids can draw similarly to how they would on paper, but they do have to go a bit slower to make sure the filament solidifies. Kids can draw freehand and create characters from shows or video games, or they can use any of the three stencils that come with your purchase. You’ll even get a total of nine meters of filament to play with. That could go a long way. 

    A fun, educational gift for kids 6+

    Help your child get invested in STEM or art.

    Get the PiKA3D JR Bundle and refill box for $49.99. 

    Prices subject to change. 

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