Comcast launches Now TV with 60 TV channels for cheap

    Comcast is getting into the cable streaming game.

    The telecom giant announced Tuesday that it’s launching a new streaming service called Now TV, per Variety(opens in a new tab). It comes with a total of about 60 channels and is priced at $20/mo for Xfinity internet subscribers. People who pay for it will access it through the Xfinity Stream app.


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    Oh, you get a Peacock (with ads) subscription on top of all that, too. According to Variety, there’s no equipment installation or cancellation fees or anything like that to deal with.

    You might be wondering how Comcast managed to get a package with that many channels down to just $20/mo. The basic answer is that it does not include local networks like CBS or ABC, and doesn’t include any sports channels. You know, the main reason to watch live TV in 2023.

    Still, what’s on offer here is fairly substantial for the price. 40 of the channels are regular TV networks like HGTV, A&E, and AMC, while the remaining 20 are free ad-supported (or FAST) streaming networks like Sky News. All of that plus a Peacock subscription is not a bad deal, provided that you’re already an Xfinity internet customer.

    Just another option for the cord-cutting generation.

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