Apple is reportedly working on 2 new AR headsets

    Just last week, Apple revealed its first-ever augmented reality headset, the $3,499 Apple Vision Pro. But the company is already hard at work on multiple follow-ups.

    This is according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who shared his thoughts on Vision Pro in the latest instalment of his Power On(opens in a new tab) newsletter. Gurman says that Apple plans to launch a cheaper variant of the headset, and speculates on several ways in which the company could bring down its significant price tag. This includes using lower-quality displays, a less powerful chip than the Vision Pro’s M2 (perhaps an iPhone-grade chip, or an older Mac chip), fewer cameras, and a simplified headband design. Apple wouldn’t compromise on the Vision Pro’s external, “EyeSight” display, or the eye- and hand-tracking systems, he argues.


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    The possibility of a cheaper Vision Pro variant is good news for anyone who finds that lofty price point unacceptable, but the potential timing of such a headset’s launch is a bummer. According to Gurman, Apple plans to launch it “as early as the end of 2025.”

    Apple is reportedly also working on a follow-up to the Vision Pro with an even faster processor, which likely won’t be any cheaper than the first one. There’s no word on when this model might launch, though next year’s WWDC sounds like a logical time to introduce a refined model.

    Notably, Gurman claims that the Vision Pro truly is very expensive to produce, with the $3,499 price tag being “at or near the cost to make it.”

    I’ve recently argued that the Vision Pro is simply too expensive to reach a wide audience, and that it’s merely the first step in Apple’s multi-year strategy to conquer the AR market. Or, as Gurman puts it, “at $3,500, Apple Inc.’s Vision Pro isn’t priced to sell.” It’s a long road ahead, though; if we have to wait two and a half years or more to get a cheaper variant, the hype could die down, and the competition might catch up.

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